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a THANKS SKATEBOARDING video production 

Volcom celebrated its spring Featured Artists program in Madrid, Spain on Friday 10 of May, with the TRULY PEACE PUNK artshow, a raging party at the White Lab gallery. Works of Elzo Durt, Mario Duplantier and Bill Noir were exhibited, Bill did a live collage while Elzo spun some records and free drinks were flowing from MG gin, Lagunitas and Desperados, all this leading to a power live show from The Shrine… No excuses if you missed the party, it was all free!

ELZO DURT was born in Brussels in 1980. Following an adolescence drenched in skateboarding and punk culture, he graduated in 2003 with a degree in graphic design from the Ecole de Recherche Graphique (GraphicResearchSchool) in Brussels – and began to flood Belgium with his psychedelic and punkoïd images.

In 2004 he opened his art gallery – Plin Tub ‘- in Brussels, as well as his own publishing house – two opportunities to exhibit his artworks and those of his favorite artists. At the same time he became responsible for graphic communication at Recyclart, the mecca to the Brussels underground culture. Up until 2006 he was also the artistic director of Voxer magazine.

Over the years he established his reputation for designing posters and album covers for many different bands and labels – Thee Oh Sees, Frustration, La Femme, Le Prince Harry, Magnetix, Jack of Heart, to name a few . He also designed visuals for skate- and snowboards brands such as  Carhartt, Rome and Flip, and for clothing brands like Lacoste and Step Art.

Elzo’s cheerfully morbid universe can be seen today on magazine covers, festival posters, album covers, and newspapers such as Le Monde. With his works printed on silkscreen, he traveled all over Europe, and even crossed the Atlantic to exhibit his artwork in the United States.

A Jack of all Trades, Elzo, and his Parisian friend Froos, launched their own Music label Teenage Menopause Records in 2011, releasing records from, among others, JC Satan, Scorpion Violente and Le Prince Harry. This again provided him with an opportunity to pursue his greatest loves: designing album covers, organizing concerts and, above all, partying!


Mario Duplantier was born in 1981 and grew up in a family where arts has always played a significant part. He has developed his drawing, painting and music skills in an environment of freedom and creativity. In 1996, Mario and his brother created the well-known metal band named Gojira. Traveling all around the world with Gojira he decided to transform each trip into a real painting and drawing session. The artistic raw material that came out of these trips became very crucial to him, that’s why it has turned into a daily activity. Unconsciously, Mario creates random surrealistic paintings made of hybrid characters, strange animals that tell stories that are sometimes surreal but can also be scary and heart shaking. Glycerol, Chinese ink, garbage and old paintings are his favorite tools to freely express his apparently naive allegories of the contemporary world.


Bill Noir was born the 13th july 1981 in Tours, France. He lives and work in Strasbourg since 2004.

Focus on Collage, Pinhole photography, Fanzine, Screenprint, Super8 film, Found photo,...

More about his collage activity in the video interview or his website, but only in french :)